Cloud Computing in Asia-Pacific

Expanding into Asia?

There are many reasons that software vendors seek to establish a local sales office in Asia.

  • The ability to respond quickly to enquiries by being present in the same time zone.
  • The ability to meet in person quickly and cheaply without having to fly from another continent.
  • The ability to sell to Asia based customers in their native language.
  • The increased value that a potential customer in Asia sees from dealing with a business located in the same region.
  • The ability to manage day-to-day relationships with Channel Partners within Asia.
  • Increased Sales and Revenue from the region due to all of the above.

Despite the potential benefits, for many niche software vendors the expense, complexity and risk associated with establishing an office to support its sales activities in the Asian market can be daunting.  As vendors consider the risk and costs associated with establishing a sales team to support the Asian market, the several questions come to mind:

  1. How much will an office cost to rent in Singapore, Thailand, or Hong Kong and what contractual commitment do we need to make?
  2. How long will it take to hire staff locally and what recruitment fees are we likely to incur?
  3. How do we map our sales culture to the locally engaged sales team?
  4. How do we monitor and manage performance from so far away?
  5. Do we need to send over one of our team on a fulltime expat deployment to manage and support the local sales team?
  6. Do we need to engage a translator?
  7. How quickly do we need to see a return on this investment?
  8. How much will this really cost us if the exercise fails?

How can Cloudpoint help?

Cloudpoint specializes in the provision of sales and support services for vendors with Cloud based solutions, seeking to establish a sales presence in Asia.  We offer our customers a simple, low risk and flexible approach to establishing a local sales team. We remove the need for a large capital investment and increase your speed to the addressing the needs of local market through our established team of sales professionals.

Cloudpoint provides our clients a local address, phone numbers and experienced sales staff that will represent your business in the region, under your brand, to ensure sales leads are managed from start to finish.

We invest our time to understand your product, your value proposition, your success stories, and your expectations of us as your sales team in Asia.

We will provide you with advise on local systems integrators and other potential channel partners that we should engage in the region.

We will become a part of your global sales team for a fraction of the cost of directly testing the waters of the Asian market; and

When you feel comfortable with your investment in Asia we will work with you to hire and handover to a permanent team.

To speak with Cloudpoint about representing your sales interests in Asia, please complete the short form on our Contact page and a Cloudpoint representative will be in touch shortly.
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